Choose car stereo

Choose car stereo

With the wide range of audio equipment available today, its often hard to decide which car stereo that best suits your needs. This article will hopefully help you negotiate the technical mining field and make the best choice for your requirements.

There are two main contributing factors to the quality of sound produced by any audio equipment that is the frequency response and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The ears frequency response is about 20 Hz to 20 KHz, although this often decreases with age. A high facility sometimes provides increasing frequencies that deteriorate with age.

Car stereo or main unit today can play audio from a variety of sources that we will now discuss below.


If the reason for replacing your car stereo is that you can play your CDs or music from your iPod, please be aware that it is possible to purchase equipment that lets you play music from an external source. These special adapters look like a cassette with a leading conductor that plugs into your alternative music source, ie iPod, CD player etc. This is often a very cheap and easy option if the money is tight!

Sound cassettes generally do not provide a sound experience like CD players, as their frequency response and SNR are often worse than modern digital equipment.

Although cassette sales have fallen to a large extent, it is still possible to buy because of the number of bands still there, but as a long-term investment, a CD or MP3 player would probably be a better choice.

CD player

The CD has been around for many years now and is well established on the market. A CD can store its information in a variety of formats, but the most popular at the moment is usually just called an audio CD in the specifications. These are the CDs you can buy from the shelf from any major music store.

Just like all technology, the usual audio format is threatened by a relatively new format called MP3. MP3 is a digital audio compression technology that allows much more audio to be clipped on a single CD. A typical compressed song will be approximately 4-6 MB depending on the sound quality and a typical CD can store around 700 MB of data.

It is also possible to purchase a main unit that has a CD player or CD changer. A CD changer is like a mini tablecloth that can be placed in your boot, glovebox etc. They usually have between 6 and 12 CDs within them and often support the ability to play songs randomly between all CDs.

USB / Memory card

With the rapid adoption of MP3 format and the availability of cheap USB flash drives, car radio manufacturers have started adopting USB ports on their equipment by default. A USB memory or a memory card can be considered a very small CD, usually about a half inch long and about half an inch wide but can store much more information than a regular CD. Something to check when buying a headset that supports this feature is the upper memory limit of the USB stick or memory card. Typical memory cards today are around 2-4 GB, which would store many albums but these sizes might not be supported by the main unit.

If you buy a main device that supports this kind of media, make sure you have a method of getting music from your CD collection to the memory stick. This will mean ripping the sound and copying it to memory. There are many programs available to do this, such as Windows Media Player.


Most people are familiar with car radio and understand what to look for when buying one. But something to keep in mind when watching is the capture of DAB radio, which is the new digital transfer method.

DAB radio uses modern digital compression technology to offer a wider range of music and applications, as well as short messages, etc., which are often displayed in the display. Since this is a new format and not widely assumed as the standard format, most DAB radios still support FM broadcasts.

DIN form factor

Finally, something should be overlooked, the form factor and the connections for the main unit. With early cars, it was not really a standard that led to all kinds of problems when changing the default factor.

The connections used to connect the stereo are quite common but there is no default connector. Fortunately, due to the size of the problem, there are many different types of adapters available in most car audio stores.

A problem that often arises with the installation of new audio equipment is with the memory forget their settings. This is often because the power supply wires to the main unit are switched over.

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